Lead411 Awards and Lists
We have numerous awards recognizing the hottest technology companies in the United States. Some of the awards are for specific regions and our Tech 500 is our nationwide list. Below you will find some details about the awards as well as links to the various Awards we have already created.
Basic Process
Each day our research team combs through a minimum of 600 releases and articles which include vc financing releases, new contract or partner announcements, product launches, business journal articles, and other news resources. This gives us a unique ability to identify which companies are "hot" and which companies are most likely to succeed.
We first use our database to identify companies which companies have either landed financing, have at least doubled their revenues in the past 3 years, or have doubled its traffic in the past 2 years. From there we narrow the criteria to have roughly 70-80 companies per region.
Technology Awards
Hottest Awards