Lead411 launches "Hottest Companies in Austin" awards
LOS ANGELES, Calif., - April 26, 2011 - In order to recognize the fastest growing technology companies in Austin, Lead411 is proud to announce the release of its "Hottest Companies in Austin" award.

Each day, the Lead411 research team scours through 600+ press releases and business articles including venture capital fundings, company launches, new office openings, customer press releases, etc. This information has given insight to which are the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Their "Hottest Companies" awards have been created to recognize these fast growing companies in different geographic regions. This particular list originally started with over 500 companies and it has been narrowed down to the top 43.

"We have been tracking fast companies for our customers for the past 10 years," said Tom Blue, CEO of Lead411, "and we felt it was important to recognize these growing brands publicly."

How the Winners were Chosen
First, all companies must be in either the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industry and be a privately held organization, and be within Austin, Texas. From there, each company must meet one or more of the following requirements;

  • ** 100% increase in revenues over the past 2 years; OR
  • ** Over $2M in funding in the past 2 years;

About Lead411

Lead411 provides information, news, and research about U.S. companies and their executives. Founded in 2001, its goal has been to focus on quality corporate data that is valid and useful rather than producing as many company records as possible. In addition, Lead411 tracks company news in order to alert its customers about venture financing, new hires, hiring plans, etc. Customers include Gartner, Administaff and ADP.

Workstreamer, LLC.
Workstreamer,an Austin-based company is transforming the way business professionals participate in and benefit from the new information and social economy. Workstreamer was created with the idea that business professionals need a way to receive relevant company and people news, social media conversations, contact updates and other related business information happening on the web. The company landed $3.5M in venture funding from Austin Ventures in July of 2010.

Zilliant Inc
For over a decade, Zilliant has delivered scientifically-proven answers to the toughest question that B2B manufacturers, distributors and service companies face every day — "What's the right price to win business at maximum margins?" Zilliant's patented technology has answered this question with scientific accuracy across nearly 1 billion transactions to date. The company has raised $13M in venture money led by SMH Private Equity Group in July of 2010.

BreakingPoint Systems Inc
BreakingPoint is the standard by which the world’s governments, enterprises and service providers measure and harden the resiliency of their network and data center infrastructures. BreakingPoint’s patented network processor architecture powers the world’s first and only cyber tomography machines to expose previously impossible-to-detect stress fractures within network and data center infrastructures before they are exploited to compromise customer data, corporate assets, brand reputation and even national security. BreakingPoint landed $5M in funding April of 2010.

Gowalla Inc
Gowalla helps you keep up with friends, share your favorite places and discover the extraordinary around you. Gowalla got a hold of $8.4M in venture funding led by Shasta Ventures in January of 2010.

Virtual Bridges
Virtual Bridges is the industry’s most comprehensive desktop management and provisioning solution that leverages virtualization to deliver desktops either on-premise or in the cloud. The VERDE solution lets enterprises transform their desktop TCO by simplifying desktop management, improving security and compliance by centralizing the administration of desktop images and data, and increasing the organizational agility by quickly providing desktop and application access to users on any client machine at any time. Virtual Bridges landed $4M in funding from Austin Ventures in January of 2010.

Headspring, LP.
Since 2001, Headspring Systems has delivered high quality software development to companies in Austin and the Central Texas area. Our deep experience and expert knowledge of the Agile development methodologies has taught us what works and what doesn't. For every project, we use a collocated team of local, Austin-based talent. The company has increased revenues by 263% from 2007 to 2009 ending with $3.6M in 2009.

StoredIQ, Inc
StoredIQ is a leading provider of enterprise-class Information Intelligence solutions, enabling organizations to gain visibility and control over business-critical information to help meet their compliance, governance and legal discovery requirements. The company provides a range of integrated solutions for fast response to litigation and investigations, for proactive "litigation readiness”, and for information protection and risk management. StoredIQ received $9.9M in financing in April of 2011.

NextIO, Inc

NextIO, Inc. is the leader in next-generation network consolidation solutions for today’s dynamic data center in a variety of industries including enterprise, oil and gas, High Performance Computing, digital media and financial services. With its innovative vConnect™ platforms, NextIO offers the unique ability to virtualize I/O technology on any server, operating system, hypervisor and storage architecture. 
NextIO collected $15M in venture money in June of 2009.

Llesiant is a privately-owned provider of web-based information services designed for organizations of all sizes – from small and mid-sized businesses to large-scale global enterprises – across information and transaction-intensive business environments, including law firms, corporate legal counsel, and communications, pharmaceutical, insurance, and sales organizations. Llesiant has raised $4.34M in venture money from The Bureau of National Affairs Inc. in March of 2009.

HomeAway, Inc
HomeAway, Inc. is the worldwide leader in online vacation rentals, with sites representing nearly 525,000 paid vacation rental home listings throughout more than 120 countries. HomeAway offers an extensive selection of vacation homes that provide travelers with memorable experiences and benefits, including more room to relax and added privacy, for less than the cost of traditional hotel accommodations. The company also makes it easy for vacation rental owners and property managers to advertise their properties and manage bookings online. HomeAway landed $8.2M in funding in March of 2010.

ReachForce Inc
ReachForce was created to ensure Marketers keep their seat at the table. As a team of long time B2B Marketers, we decided we were tired of it being ok to be wrong 90% of the time. With industry average marketing response rates being less than 3%, there is something fundamentally wrong with the way we as B2B Marketers have been driving lead generation initiatives. Response rates don't equal leads and leads don't always mean qualified buyers. ReachForce received $4.6M in venture funding led by Aprimo in February of 2011.

OneSpot aggregates, filters, and prioritizes the best content, curated by you. The company’s patent-pending Publishing as a Service™ platform provides a fundamentally new and better model for media sites, traditional publishers, business brands and bloggers to leverage third party content that drives site traffic, audience engagement, SEO performance and email response rates. OneSpot has raised $4.2M in funding led by Silver Creek Ventures in February of 2009.

Morega Systems Inc
Morega is a software and systems company that provides innovative media mobility solutions for Multi-Channel Operators and Consumer Electronics OEMs. Morega’s advanced technologies enhance today’s digital way of life by making premium content portable across different platforms – allowing users to view their content their way, anywhere, anytime, for an unmatched experience of seamless media mobility. Morega got a hold of $10M in financing led by Celtic House Venture Partners in July of 2010.

Adometry, Inc.
Adometry, formerly Click Forensics, Inc., is the leading provider of ad analytics and traffic quality solutions for the online advertising community. For over half a decade Adometry has led the industry in online ad verification and traffic quality management, delivering actionable insight to improve the performance of online advertising. The company received $6M in venture money led by Sierra Ventures in June of 2010.

Bandspeed is a venture-backed company based in Austin, Texas. Lead investors are JatoTech Ventures and Guggenheim Venture Partners. The company boasts a seasoned management and technical team with deep industry experience in wired and wireless networking, including network management software, Wi- Fi management, signal processing and integrated circuits. Bandspeed received $4.5M in financing in August of 2009 and has increased its revenues by 124% from 2007 to 2009.

Bigfoot Networks Inc
Bigfoot Networks™ is dedicated to developing groundbreaking networking hardware and software for gamers and mass-market consumers that significantly enhance the online experience by maximizing network performance. Bigfoot Networks’ technology and products are designed to provide the best experience for today’s new generation of real-time network-dependent applications such as online gaming, voice chat, and other applications that require highly responsive interactivity. The company landed $8M in funding in November of 2009 led by North Bridge Venture Partners.

B-Side Entertainment Inc
Founded in 2009, Slated is the premier online marketplace for film helping connect filmmakers to a global network of fans, investors and distributors, providing them with the tools and information to get their films discovered, distributed and loved. Slated also provides data and technology services to film festivals and cinemas to help them build communities, reach audiences and boost their sales. The company received $4.25M in funding from Valhalla Partners in January of 2009.

Black Sand Technologies
Black Sand Technologies, Inc., is a fabless semiconductor company dedicated to building solutions for the wireless industry by combining sensitive analog and powerful digital circuits in silicon. Black Sand’s unique combination of patented mixed-signal technology and industry experience will lead the way to new levels of cost and performance in wireless products of the future. Black Sand Technologies received $10M in venture funding in February of 2010.

Caringo Inc
Caringo, Inc. believes that file systems are a relic of the past. Today's digital content should be stored with its metadata for secure, reusable, long term, multi-application use. Simplicity is the keyword at Caringo; for simplicity brings performance, flexibility and robustness while breaking the barriers of file system limitations. Storing your content in CAStor empowers applications to access it either as an object or as a file – a standard file system view on a future-proof object based storage system. Caringo received $5M in venture funding in July of 2010.

CoreTrace Corporation
CoreTrace is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas. CoreTrace is leading the movement to the next-generation of endpoint control and security solutions. The company develops and sells the most tamper-proof and scalable application whitelisting solution available — Bouncer by CoreTrace™. Bouncer prevents unauthorized applications from executing and neutralizes even the most sophisticated malware and attacks (e.g., rootkits, zero-day attacks, and memory-based exploits such as buffer overflows). CoreTrace landed $2.3M in venture funding from GlobalSCAPE Inc. in January of 2010.

Heatwave Interactive
Based in Austin, Texas, and established in 2007, Heatwave Interactive, Inc. is a game development studio and online publisher specializing in cross-media properties for gaming, film, music and television. The credited works of the veteran team include more than 200 commercial video, PC and tabletop games and Academy Award-winning films. Heatwave Interactive has raised $10M in funding in July of 2010.

CSIdentity is the technology leader in delivering, on a wholesale basis, Identity Theft Protection, Fraud Detection, Voice Biometrics, ID Verification, and Data Breach Management and Restoration Services. The company offers a comprehensive suite of business and personal security solutions targeting all aspects of identity theft. CSIdentity has raised $35M in venture money from Investcorp Technology Ventures in January of 2010.

LibreDigital develops technology that helps consumers to discover and read their favorite books, newspapers and magazines when and where they choose to read. The company’s solutions power the promotion, sales and delivery of content on-demand across the web or to any marketplace or device – including the Apple iPad and iBookstore, Google, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Sony Reader, the Blio eReader, and the Bookish Reading Club in the Starbucks Digital Network. LibreDigital landed $4M in financing in February of 2011.

7 Billion People Inc
7 Billion People is committed to changing the Internet by personalizing the web experience for every individual. Our company is based in Austin, Texas and is comprised of psychologists, behavioral scientists, information technology veterans and a bunch of brilliant, energetic software engineers. The company got a hold of $3M in venture funding from SmithCo Investments in February of 2009.

Digby mobilizes retailers by helping them take a strategic approach to mobile commerce and in-store mobile engagement, delivering a unique retail branded experience for the mobile Web and rich Apps for today’s consumers whether they are at home, on the go, or in the retail store. Digby delivers a fully-managed suite of applications designed for iPhone/iPod Touch, BlackBerry and Android devices that empowers retailers to optimize their mobile strategy and unify their web, in-store and catalog channels. Digby received $8M in funding from Battery Ventures in April of 2011.

IronStratus is the simple and secure way that businesses login to the cloud. It’s trusted, one-password, one-click access to all your web applications, in a single vault available from any browser. IronStratus is built to remove complexity and work the way you do, on-demand, right now and right sized. The company got a hold of $3M in financing from Guggenheim Venture Partners LLC in June of 2010.

Cache IQ
Cache IQ is a storage solutions company delivering the industry’s first and only intelligent caching and visibility product designed to tame the out-of-control growth of network attached storage while optimizing critical application performance. A group of veteran storage and networking entrepreneurs founded Cache IQ in 2010 to create an intelligent approach to file-based caching to help companies get control of their expanding storage requirements and associated spending. Cache IQ has raised $6M in venture money in January of 2011.

GameSalad, Inc.
GameSalad is a community that empowers everyone to express and share their ideas through games. GameSalad provides a platform that allows creators to rapidly design, publish and distribute original games for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Web. Founded in 2007, GameSalad is a privately held company with studios in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California. The company got a hold of $6.1M in venture funding in April of 2011.

Mass Relevance
Based in Austin, Texas, Mass Relevance helps entertainment, media, retail, and manufacturing brands drive real-time engagement through social syndication. Mass Relevance help clients find relevance from the masses and bring it back out to the masses through technology, service and expertise in real time social media curation. The company received $2.2M in venture funding in March of 2011.

OtherInbox, Inc. is an Austin-based company that builds technology to automatically organize emails from online shopping and social networking sites. This puts consumers in control but also creates unique opportunities for improving the relevance and targeting of email marketing. OtherInbox’s email product also organizes shipping information, payment reminders, and upcoming sales and places them on your calendar. The company received $3.8M in venture funding in the past two years.

Motion Computing
Motion Computing, headquartered in Austin, Texas, produces slate tablet PCs for mobile professionals in industries including healthcare, government, and field force automation. Motion is a mobile computing and wireless communications leader, combining world-class innovation and industry experience so individuals can use computing technology in new ways and places. The company received $5.6M in venture funding in January of 2010.

Troux Technologies
With Troux software CIOs and their teams successfully streamline Business Technology Management and EA initiatives. Troux applications unify business and technology decisions across the enterprise to save money, reduce risk and increase agility. Designed for rapid rollout, Troux delivers value to priority CIO programs fast. The company collected $10M in venture money led by Austin Ventures in October of 2009.

RenewData is a trusted provider of eDiscovery, archiving and review-acceleration solutions to help law firms, corporations, and government agencies manage the inherent risks associated with Electronically Stored Information (ESI). RenewData services feature unique and scalable technology, superior legal and technical expertise, and a high security facility to deliver defensible, accessible, and manageable data to our clients in a cost-effective and timely manner. RenewData landed $6.1M in financing in September of 2009.

FreightWatch International
FreightWatch International is the leading global provider of logistics security solutions that are designed to harden the supply chain. Our primary concern is to build a protective layer around the supply chain, allowing you to take control of your cargo from dock to stock. To that end, we offer a customized end-to-end Logistics Security Solution unlike any in the industry that is designed to fit your requirements and your supply chain security needs. The company collected $10M in venture funding from Bridge Investments LLC in July of 2010.

RF Code, Inc
RF Code is a leading provider of active IT asset management and environmental and power monitoring solutions as well as a leader in providing technology used by third parties to enhance their solutions. The company’s unique active RFID-based solutions provide IT professionals with a more efficient, cost-effective approach to managing IT assets and keeping technology environments in an optimal state. RF Code has raised $9M in financing in September of 2010.

Uplogix, Inc
Uplogix provides the first fully integrated remote management solution. Uplogix automates routine administration, maintenance and recovery tasks – securely and regardless of network availability. In comparison, traditional network and systems management requires multiple tools, relies on the network, and remains labor intensive. Uplogix puts the power of your most trusted IT administrator everywhere, all the time. The company has raised $12.8M in funding in April of 2011.

Spiceworks Inc
Founded by network and systems management software pioneers, Spiceworks develops the first free social IT management application that incorporates crowdsourcing to help over 830,000 businesses and 77,500 managed service providers (MSPs) simplify everything IT. Spiceworks makes it easy for IT pros to manage their networks, collaborate to solve technology problems, and find the best practices, products and services they need day-to-day. Spiceworks got a hold of $16M in financing from Institutional Venture Partners in January of 2010.

Invodo, Inc
As a full-service eCommerce video solution, Invodo creates highly effective product video at scale and provides a leading platform and player to influence consumers at the point of purchase. Invodo videos increase sales conversion rates, attract traffic through SEO and social networks, and reduce returns for customers including Internet 500 retailers and major brands. Invodo received $6M in financing led by Sevin Rosen Funds in July of 2009.

ProspX Inc
ProspX, Inc. develops an on-demand search and sales collaboration platform that improves productivity and streamlines communications between agencies, brokers, and carriers. Combining the best of enterprise search and social networking, ProspX gives brokers quick and easy access to the critical internal resources available for new and renewal business, while allowing carriers the ability to elevate their message for increased visibility at the initial point of opportunity. ProspX landed $8M in funding from Adams Capital Management in March of 2011.

SpareFoot Inc
SpareFoot is an online marketplace for self storage. With more than 5,000 self storage listings nationwide, SpareFoot brings consumers a true comparison shopping experience to find the perfect storage unit. SpareFoot enables storage operators to increase occupancy by generating new tenants online with an entirely pay-for-performance model. The company received $3.5M in financing in the past two years.

Tango Health, Inc.
Tango Health, Inc. provides innovative web-based services to support consumer-directed health care. The company's web-based Health Savings Account (HSA) management platform helps employers and employees save health insurance premiums and reclaim the $4 billion annually lost to payroll and income taxes due to HSA under-use. Tango Health partners with the nation's top custodial banks, benefits brokers, consultants and carriers to strategically enhance their offerings for both employers and individuals. Tango Health landed $3M in funding from S3 Ventures in November of 2010.

Gazzang, Inc.
Gazzang makes cloud computing enterprise-ready. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions help organizations address the inherent risk associated with open source software tools, beginning with data encryption of MySQL databases and ultimately migrating all the way up the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). With more than 80 customers in financial services, healthcare, higher education and technology, we know what it takes to deliver secure, compliant business services in today’s uncertain cloud environments. Gazzang has raised $3.5M in funding from Austin Ventures in December of 2010.

Socialware enables leading financial services companies to confidently turn public social networks into powerful marketing channels. Our Socialware Platform is social business management software that empowers financial services field sales channels to profitably build valued business relationships. With unmatched expertise drawn from over 100 clients, we are the trusted standard for social business management in financial services industries. Socialware landed $3M in funding led by FLOODGATE in February of 2011.
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