Lead411 launches "Hottest Companies in Colorado" awards
LOS ANGELES, Calif., - July 19, 2011 - In order to recognize the fastest growing technology companies in Colorado, Lead411 is proud to announce the release of its "Hottest Companies in Colorado" award.

Each day, the Lead411 research team scours through 600+ press releases and business articles including venture capital fundings, company launches, new office openings, customer press releases, etc. This information has given insight to which are the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Their "Hottest Companies" awards have been created to recognize these fast growing companies in different geographic regions. This particular list originally started with over 672 companies and it has been narrowed down to the top 32.

"We have been tracking fast companies for our customers for the past 10 years," said Tom Blue, CEO of Lead411, "and we felt it was important to recognize these growing brands publicly."

How the Winners were Chosen
First, all companies must be in either the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industry and be a privately held organization, and be within Colorado. From there, each company must meet one or more of the following requirements;

  • ** 100% increase in revenues over the past 2 years; OR
  • ** Over $2M in funding in the past 2 years;

About Lead411

Lead411 provides information, news, and research about U.S. companies and their executives. Founded in 2001, its goal has been to focus on quality corporate data that is valid and useful rather than producing as many company records as possible. In addition, Lead411 tracks company news in order to alert its customers about venture financing, new hires, hiring plans, etc. Customers include Gartner, Administaff and ADP.

NexGen Storage, Inc
NexGen Storage is delivering a revolutionary new storage architecture for private cloud and virtual server deployments. The conventional approach to storage prevents customers from realizing the benefits provided by new technologies like solid state storage. NexGen has architected a storage system to take full advantage of new and emerging storage components. This new architecture will deliver the next generation of storage management, performance and features required to harness the ever changing technology. NexGen landed $2M in funding from Grotech Ventures in February of 2011.

Coalfire System
Coalfire is a leading, independent IT Audit and Compliance firm that provides information technology (IT) audit, security assessment and IT compliance management solutions. The company has grown rapidly since being founded in 2001 and now completes more than 1,000 projects annually in retail, financial services, healthcare, government and utilities. Coalfire has raised $5M in venture funding from Baird Venture Partners in February of 2011.

Collective Intellect Inc
Collective Intellect is the leader enabling Social CRM through its web-based, automated, real-time text mining and analytics software. Collective Intellect's Social CRM Insight platform automates your ability to identify emerging consumer considerations and preferences, and to track your ability to change them. Collective Intellect got a hold of $4.79M in financing in the past two years.

Lijit Networks Inc.
Lijit Networks, Inc. was incorporated in June 2006 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. By providing innovative advertising services, audience analytics, and reader engagement tools to over 21,000 online publishers, commercial websites and content networks, Lijit helps publishers grow their website, build their business and make more money. Lijit connects publishers with premium online advertising campaigns that are highly targeted and contextually relevant to the publisher’s audience. The company received $10M in financing from Highway 12 Ventures in April of 2011.

TopSchool, Inc
TopSchool offers an alternative to traditional student information systems. A simple, on-demand Student Lifecycle Management (SLM) system that empowers student-centric college institutions to drive growth, reduce costs, and meet accountability requirements. TopSchool landed $7M in funding led by New World Ventures in March of 2009.

Mocapay is an end-to-end, mobile payments and platform for innovative issuers. The platform addresses merchants' need for a new channel that will broaden their loyalty and gift programs. Mobilizing sales and marketing to reach customers anytime, not just at the point of sale, encourage purchases and build a stronger brand affinity. Mocapay received $3M in venture funding from Spartan Mobile in September of 2009.

Rally Software
Rally is the recognized leader in Agile application lifecycle management (ALM). We are dedicated to helping organizations embrace Agile and Lean development practices that increase the pace of innovation and improve product quality. According to a study by QSM Associates, software-driven companies that rely on Rally's Agile ALM products and services are 50% faster to market and 25% more productive than industry averages. The company has raised $20M in venture money from Meritech Capital Partners in June of 2011.

Intermap Technologies
At Intermap, we’re proud to be consistently recognized in the geospatial industry as a leading provider of 3D terrain information. For more than three decades, we have helped customers worldwide solve their mapping challenges via our advanced geospatial services and NEXTMap 3D terrain data. Our 3D terrain products and services enable our commercial, government, and defense customers to build a wide range of innovative geospatial solutions. The company landed $6.45M in financing led by Special Situations Funds in April of 2011.

LogRhythm Inc
LogRhythm, the leader in log management and SIEM 2.0, delivers log and security event management, file integrity monitoring, and network and user monitoring in a single integrated solution. LogRhythm empowers organisations to comply with regulations, secure their networks, and optimize IT operations. LogRhythm got a hold of $10M in venture funding led by Access Venture Partners in March of 2011.

OneRiot enables advertisers to reach a targeted audience across a network of social mobile apps. OneRiot’s proprietary “Social Targeting Service” enables advertisers to target a specific audience segment, based on demographics, OS, geo and interest profiles – determined by analyzing realtime social media activity of our network audience. OneRiot serves 2bn mobile ad impressions each month across its network – on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. OneRiot collected $7.0M in funding led by Appian Ventures in August of 2009.

SimpleGeo provides a ready-to-use location infrastructure that makes it easy to ad location-aware features to applications. The company was founded in 2009 by Matt Galligan and Joe Stump. SimpleGeo got a hold of $18.1M from Foundry Group in May of 2010.

Gnip, Inc
Gnip provides social media data to businesses that build realtime social media integrations into their business and consumer applications. Many of the largest social media monitoring companies in the world rely on Gnip to provide them with data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and dozens more sources. Whether you want keyword-specific data, username-specific data, or a full or partial firehose stream of data, Gnip can be your social media data provider. Gnip landed $2M in funding in November of 2010.

Intela LLC
Intela is a performance-based lead generation and email marketing company based in London with its operational center at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. A leading International digital marketing agency specializing in generating awareness, driving new customers and maximizing our clients ROIs, we provide programs and distribution in the United States, Continental Europe, Canada and Australia. Intela has raised $7.25M in venture money led by ETV Capital SA in January of 2010.

Orbotix is a Boulder based startup that works with consumer electronics companies and developers to bring phone controlled open devices to market. Orbotix received $5M in financing led by Foundry Group in April of 2011.

XIOtech Corporation
Xiotech is the world’s leading provider of high-performance storage systems, purpose built for today’s cloud and virtual desktop-to-data center initiatives. With more than 1,200 customers across all major industries, including 28 of the Fortune 50, ISE delivers storage that scales from the mid-market to the largest enterprise and government organization. Xiotech has raised $10M in venture money in September of 2009.

Ping Identity Corporation
Ping Identity provides cloud identity security solutions to more than 600 of the world's largest companies, government organizations and cloud businesses.Businesses that depend on the cloud rely on Ping Identity to deliver simple, proven and secure cloud identity management through single sign-on, federated identity management, mobile identity security, API security, and centralized access control. Visit pingidentity.com for more information. Ping Identity landed $21M in funding led by Triangle Peak Partners in June of 2011.

Roomlinx is an innovative developer of Interactive TV products and premium digital video on demand systems for hotels, resorts, and other properties, utilizing premium content and applications demanded by today’s traveler. Roomlinx got a hold of $25M in financing in March of 2010.

NewsGator Technologies, Inc.
NewsGator offers award-winning enterprise social computing solutions. Direct integration with SharePoint’s business collaboration platform means NewsGator Social Sites runs hassle-free on thousands of organizations’ existing computing infrastructures. NewsGator got a hold of $10.3M in funding led by Masthead Venture Partners in the past two years.

Tendril is the Energy Platform company, delivering end-to-end consumer engagement products, applications and services powered by Tendril Connect™—an open, secure and scalable platform that takes the complexity out of the Energy Internet and creates a dialogue between energy service providers and their customers. Delivering consumer engagement software, in-home products and applications as well as easy to integrate utility solutions such as Demand Response and Energy Efficiency, Tendril offers unparalleled insight into energy decisions, making the Energy Marketplace a reality. Tendril received $23M in funding in October of 2010.

SpotXchange is the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, reaching more than 80 million unique visitors each month in more than 20 countries. SpotXchange offers brandadvertisers a scalable, efficient and measurable way to attract new customers with high-quality online video ads on premium websites around the world. SpotXchange got a hold of $12M in funding from H.I.G. Growth Partners in December of 2010.

Symplified provides the trust fabric of the Cloud by enabling companies to extend and enforce identity and access management policies on cloud applications. The Company is the market share leader in cloud identity with more than 1 million seats of the Symplified Suite currently deployed by Fortune 500 and small medium businesses. The Symplified Suite is the only complete cloud security platform that unifies Web access management, federated SSO, auditing and user provisioning. The company got a hold of $9.2M in financing led by Granite Ventures in January of 2011.

Mersive Technologies
Mersive develops visual computing software that brings unprecedented simplicity and affordability to large-scale, beyond-HD displays allowing visual collaboration to go mainstream. Mersive delivers this capability through its Sol® software which automatically aligns and calibrates multiple projectors into one seamless image of extraordinary quality and resolution without the expense of specialized hardware and services. Mersive has raised $4.6M in venture money from Hopewell Ventures in January of 2009.

Vico Software Inc
Vico Software, Inc. provides software and services to the building construction industry. Building owners, general contractors, and construction managers use our software and our services to reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on complex building projects. Vico's 5D Virtual ConstructionTM solutions pioneered the category of BIM for Construction, and they remain the industry's most integrated approach to coordination, quantity takeoff, cost estimation, project scheduling, and production control. The company received $3.6M in funding led by Borealis Ventures in October of 2009.

MapMyFitness, Inc.
MapMyFITNESS, Inc., founded in 2006, maintains its headquarters in Denver, CO and Austin, TX., is the leading online social fitness community dedicated to providing the ultimate training tools and services to fitness enthusiasts around the world. The MapMyFITNESS network of sites and mobile applications offer fitness enthusiasts the ability to record and store their daily training routes in an online database or plot out tomorrow’s path. The company received $5M in venture funding from Austin Ventures in August of 2010.

Trada is a crowd-sourced SEM solution for small and medium-sized businesses that leverages the knowledge of multiple search experts through a CPA model. A brand posts a CPA offer, and Trada community members hit the search engines, developing search programs that they hope yield a nice spread between their costs and the bounty. Trada got a hold of $5.75M in financing from Google Ventures in July of 2010.

Format Dynamics Inc
Format Dynamics connects advertisers with consumers at that pivotal moment when they’re most engaged. Our solutions create opportunities at the Point of Action when a person discovers valuable content and does something with it. Whether saving, emailing, or printing, our technology improves the experience with attractive output and produces new, premium inventory for advertisers and publishers that no other company can offer. Format Dynamics landed $5.5M in financing from Easton Capital in June of 2010.

RTL Networks Inc
Founded in 2002, RTL Networks, Inc. is an energetic SBA 8(a) and VetBiz verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVOSB) company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. TL Networks, Inc. has found success in integrating experienced engineers, proven IT products, and a wide array of managed services that allow customers to operate with total confidence in the security, predictability and reliability of their business operations. The company has increased revenues by 262% from 2007 to 2009 ending with $15.2M in 2009.

Standing Cloud
Standing Cloud is the only Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables cloud users to deploy, manage, customize and develop applications on their choice of clouds and languages. The service supports PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, and Python, as well as 80+ open source and commercial applications — including Wordpress, SugarCRM, Magento, and many more — that anyone, regardless of technical experience, can deploy with a few clicks. Standing Cloud landed $3M in venture funding from Avalon Ventures in December of 2010.

UsingMiles Inc
UsingMiles.com helps travelers keep track of all their various reward programs and tells them when miles are expiring and how to save them. It is also the first search engine for cash and award travel that optimizes results by plugging a traveler's loyalty program information directly into search. It essentially helps frequent flyers earn more miles when they book travel and use their hard-earned miles to travel more. UsingMiles.com raised $2.7M in funding in February of 2011.

Channelinsight offers the only complete channel sales management solution in the cloud, providing technology manufacturers with visibility into every partner and every end-customer in every transaction in real-time and allowing them to gain the insight necessary to drive sales and optimize inventory. The company processes over 120 million POS and inventory transactions per year. Channelinsight got a hold of $10M in funding from Rho Ventures in April of 2011.

MD-IT is a medical documentation company with an innovative delivery model that optimizes the use of EMR software and transcription services. The company provides services and software to over 7,700 physicians and clinicians in 900 medical practices and hospitals throughout the United States. MD-IT received $11M in funding from J. Burke Capital Partners in January of 2009.

Wireless Seismic, Inc
Wireless Seismic was formed in 2006 to develop and introduce the RT 1000, a revolutionary seismic data acquisition system to the exploration and production industry, that capitalizes on emerging technologies in the seismic, wireless and mesh-network industries. Wireless Seismic received $19.5M in financing led by Energy Ventures in December of 2010.
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