Lead411 launches "Hottest Companies in Georgia" awards
LOS ANGELES, Calif., - May 24, 2011 - In order to recognize the fastest growing technology companies in Georgia, Lead411 is proud to announce the release of its "Hottest Companies in Georgia" award.

Each day, the Lead411 research team scours through 600+ press releases and business articles including venture capital fundings, company launches, new office openings, customer press releases, etc. This information has given insight to which are the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Their "Hottest Companies" awards have been created to recognize these fast growing companies in different geographic regions. This particular list originally started with over 740 companies and it has been narrowed down to the top 34.

"We have been tracking fast companies for our customers for the past 10 years," said Tom Blue, CEO of Lead411, "and we felt it was important to recognize these growing brands publicly."

How the Winners were Chosen
First, all companies must be in either the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industry and be a privately held organization, and be within Georgia. From there, each company must meet one or more of the following requirements;

  • ** 100% increase in revenues over the past 2 years; OR
  • ** Over $2M in funding in the past 2 years;

About Lead411

Lead411 provides information, news, and research about U.S. companies and their executives. Founded in 2001, its goal has been to focus on quality corporate data that is valid and useful rather than producing as many company records as possible. In addition, Lead411 tracks company news in order to alert its customers about venture financing, new hires, hiring plans, etc. Customers include Gartner, Administaff and ADP.

Endgame Systems
Endgame Systems provides innovative software solutions to meet customers security needs in cyberspace. Our products include real-time IP reputation data, protection of customers' critical information, proactive data analysis, and cutting edge vulnerability research. Endgame's highly skilled workforce provides a full range of engineering services and solutions that raise awareness of emerging threats, and help prevent and respond to those threats globally. The company landed $29M in financing from Bessemer Ventures in October of 2010.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Ftrans is an innovative provider of technology enabled business process outsourcing services to small and medium businesses which sell to other businesses. We combine a business line of credit with advanced receivables management providing businesses with the credit they deserve. Ftrans got a hold of $4M in venture funding led by Greenhill SAVP in May of 2010.

Astadia is a leading systems integrator and management consultancy focused on data-driven business process optimization of sales, marketing and customer service organizations. We leverage best-of-breed Cloud technologies from an unparalleled team of strategic partners, including salesforce.com, Google, and Eloqua. Our certified consultants have deployed more than 6,000 projects in over 30 countries around the globe. Astadia has increased revenues by 116% from 2007 to 2009 ending with $26M in 2009.

Manage Mobility
Manage Mobility is national management and logistics firm providing fully-customized wireless solutions. End users range from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, to small business and public sector accounts. Manage Mobility combines wireless hardware, software, M2M solutions, system integration and telecom expense management tools to offer customers one point of contact for all the mobility needs. The company has increased its revenues by 313% from 2007 to 2009 ending with $5.9M in 2009.

AlienVault LLC
AlienVault provides the SIEM technology for more than half of all SIEM users. A focus on delivering quality solutions to the most challenging aspects of Information Security Management drives the AlienVault team to continually improve on the success of AlienVault Unified SIEM. With over ten years of developing integrated security management platforms, the AlienVault team contains some of the most experienced engineering and thought leadership in the industry. The company landed $4M in funding from Adara Venture Partners in June of 2010.

Dayforce offers a complete workforce management solution that includes time and attendance, labor scheduling, labor forecasting, labor budgeting, task management and employee self-service. The company’s innovative solutions are easy to deploy, easy to use and provide powerful solutions for companies wanting to leverage today’s tools to manage their workforce with tomorrow’s capabilities. Dayforce received $10M in financing from Bridgescale Partners in July of 2010.

Nexidia provides customer interaction analytics solutions with patented technologies and breakthrough applications that enable companies to drive business transformation by capturing, making sense of, and using the full range of communications they have with customers. Nexidia provides software and service expertise to help companies synthesize this data into both a tactical tool for operational improvements and a catalyst for strategic business transformation. The company received $23M in funding led by BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners in October of 2010.

Paymetric, Inc
Paymetric, Inc. is the leading provider of integrated and secure electronic payment acceptance solutions that enable companies to streamline the order-to-cash process, reduce the scope and financial burden of achieving PCI compliance and improve return on electronic payment acceptance. Paymetric’s solutions support virtually every type of electronic payment in any enterprise system where payment is accepted. Paymetric collected $8M in funding from Palomar Ventures in August of 2009.

TerraGo Technologies
TerraGo Technologies geospatial collaboration software and GeoPDF maps and imagery are among the most widely adopted solutions to produce, access, update and share geospatial information with anyone, anywhere. TerraGo solutions enable enterprises to extend and exchange geo-referenced maps, imagery, audio, video and other intelligence in online and disconnected environments. TerraGo has raised $4.5M in financing from CNF Investments in May of 2009.

Ingenious Med
Founded in 1999 by a group of practicing physicians, Ingenious Med is an award-winning mobile platform that automates the activities of physicians when they are away from their office, whether they are rounding at a hospital, an outpatient clinic, a nursing home or even at home. Ingenious Med automates the revenue and charge capture processes for over 6,000 users in more than 500 healthcare facilities across the United States. Ingenious Med has raised $3.25M in venture money from Council Ventures in March of 2011.

Damballa, Inc
Damballa is a pioneer in the fight against cybercrime. Damballa provides the only network security solution that detects the remote control communication that criminals use to breach networks to steal personal and intellectual information, and conduct espionage or other fraudulent transactions. Patent-pending solutions from Damballa are platform and system-agnostic, protecting networks with any type of device including PCs, Macs, smart phones, as well as mobile and embedded systems. Damballa got a hold of $12M in funding from Paladin Capital Group in February of 2011.

REACH Health, Inc.
REACH provides a comprehensive telemedicine solution that eliminates the geographical challenges associated with access to specialized care. REACH makes remote consults convenient and easy, enabling specialists to operate in a virtual and collaborative care environment with real-time documentation and reporting. REACH received $5M financing from Council Ventures in September of 2010.

Preparis, Inc
Preparis is the first company to deliver a web-based platform of intelligence, information, and services that protect a company's employees, staff, revenue, operations and brand 'ahead of the threat'. We provide the experience, innovative research methods and technologies required to achieve best-in-class preparedness and succeed in delivering easy-to-use on-demand services. Preparis collected $4.6M in venture funding from Fulcrum Ventures in October of 2009.

Magnetic North Software Ltd
Since 1998, Magnetic North's solutions have been helping Global 2000 customers such as HP, Vodafone, Stream International, Sirius Radio, Hospital Billing and Collection Services, Chubb, Johnson and Johnson and more to deliver the best possible service to their clients, and increase workforce optimization and analytics. Magnetic North has increased revenues by 166% from 2007 to 2009 ending with $8M in 2009.

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. is the global market leader in 2D mobile barcode technology and infrastructure solutions that enable the mobile barcode ecosystem world-wide. Its technology platform transforms mobile devices with cameras into barcode scanners, enabling a range of practical and engaging applications including consumer oriented advertising, mobile ticketing and couponing, and business-to-business commercial track and trace solutions. The company got a hold of $11.3M in financing from Yorkville Advisors in the past two years.

Reflex Systems, Inc
Reflex Systems helps organizations accelerate adoption of next generation virtualized data centers by addressing potential challenges, such as monitoring the dynamic environment, maintaining secure configuration, cross-functional management, and regulatory compliance while capitalizing on the virtualization investment; thus enhancing overall data center security. Reflex Systems got a hold of $8.5M in venture funding from RFA Management Company in April of 2009.

About Vocalocity Founded in 2005, Vocalocity is the leading provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communication services for small businesses with fewer than 20 employees. Vocalocity powers thousands of small businesses with its core offering, VocalocityPBX, a hosted PBX solution that provides customers with the quality and reliability of traditional PBX phone systems, with more features, flexibility and cost savings. The company landed $3.45M in funding in June of 2010.

ViTrue, Inc
Vitrue is the leading provider of social media publishing software, offering software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to help brands and agencies harness the marketing potential of social media and manage all of their social connections. Vitrue collected $17M in funding led by Scale Venture Partners in February of 2011.

Racemi is a Business Systems Portability company that provides solutions that better power your recovery and consolidation efforts. Racemi’s next-generation server imaging and migration technology delivers the broadest platform support and best price performance in the industry. Racemi landed $2.5M in financing from Gray Ghost Ventures in October of 2009.

Oversight Systems Inc
Oversight Systems identifies fraud, misuse and errors in business transactions and master data files for some of the world’s largest companies and institutions. Its Continuous Transaction Monitoring software is capable of processing and comparing data across multiple, often disparate systems. Oversight harnesses powerful analytics that excel at finding problems and offers an investigator’s workbench for fixing problems. The company has raised $14.5M in financing led by Imlay Investments in September of 2009.

WorthPoint Corporation
WorthPoint has organized the world’s information on collectibles into a central library or “worth” database – the Worthopedia. You have access to this wealth of data on prices, descriptions, pictures and sale dates, compiled from hundreds of auction houses. It’s easy to find and compare items to determine the value of your collectibles. The company received $3.6M in venture funding from Cheviot in December of 2010.

Clearleap’s revolutionary IP-based content management and distribution platform enables the efficient, cost effective delivery of video to linear channels, VOD, broadband, and consumer electronic devices. Clearleap’s technology offers both video service and content providers services to vastly improve workflow, monetization, and content capabilities. Clearleap has raised $4.5M in venture funding led by Noro-Mosely Partners in November of 2010.

Quofore Americas
Quofore is a global provider of mobile software solutions for Consumer Products companies’ field representatives. Quofore solutions reflect the experience and domain expertise gained from over a decade of specialized industry focus, working with customers in more than 35 countries in both modern-trade and emerging markets. The company has raised $5.25M in venture funding from ABS Capital Partners in February of 2011.

ThePort™ Network, Inc
ThePort Network develops social networking and media products for organizations that require exceptional care for their constituent bases. ThePort Network’s mission is to enable innovation through integrating social media technologies into organizational business practices. The company received $4M in financing in December of 2009.

Psydex Corporation
Psydex®, founded by a team of computer scientists and semantics experts, provides services that search the world’s information sources—in real time—so you don’t have to.  Psydex brings order to chaotic TV and Web chatter and puts news in context, as it’s beingreported. The company received $3.5M in financing in April of 2009.

Purchasing Power, LLC
Founded in 2001, Purchasing Power offers what has become one of the country's premier purchase programs for employees. The Atlanta-based company has been tapped for the "fastest-growing" list by several leading business publications, including Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines. Purchasing Power gives employees the best way to buy name brand products like computers, home appliances and electronics through payroll deduction, when they'd prefer not to use cash or credit. The company landed $40M in venture funding led by Bank of America Business Capital in July of 2009.

eVestment Alliance
eVestment Alliance (eVestment) is an innovative, Web-based provider of comprehensive investment information and analytic technology. eVestment delivers extensive data through robust, user-friendly products, with an unparalleled commitment to client service. The company received $19M in venture funding led by Silicon Valley Bank in November of 2010

Precyse Technologies Inc
Precyse is driving the global adoption of asset networks and the Internet of Things with a new breed of wireless asset network solutions that are intelligent, reliable and secure. The Precyse asset networks are based on our "N3" patented, bi-directional asset network technology, optimized for long battery life. The Precyse solution is ideal for customers in a variety of vertical markets such as manufacturing, defense, retail, healthcare and for other organizations that simply cannot afford to lose their "things". Precyse received $11M in financing in August of 2010.

PlayOn! Sports
PlayON! Sports is an Atlanta-based digital media company and technology provider specializing in the production, distribution, and monetization of high school sports. PlayON! Sports’ proprietary platform includes video production capabilities and a multiplatform distribution system. PlayON! landed $2.8M in venture funding from Hamilton Ventures in August of 2010.

Sourcebits Inc
Sourcebits is a software development company with offices in Bangalore, India and Atlanta, USA. Established in April 2006, the company has a strength of over two hundred award-winning developers and designers. Sourcebits is at the bleeding edge of emerging technologies and has quickly become one of the world’s top destinations for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, BlackBerry, Adobe AIR and Web application development. The company has increased revenues by 2400% from 2007 to 2009 ending with $3M in 2009.

ClickFox is the only company in the marketplace offering a comprehensive cross channel solution capable of easily aggregating data from all customer touch points and from other limited analytics sources, such as speech analytics, web analytics, quality monitoring, agent scoring, workforce optimization and beyond. The company received $17.9M in financing led by Ascent Venture Partners in November of 2010.

Pipeline Data Inc
Pipeline Data, Inc. provides the general merchant community an integrated suite of merchant payment processing services and related software enabling products. The company delivers credit and debit card-based payments processing solutions to small and mid-sized merchants that operate in physical “brick and mortar” business environments or over the internet, and in settings that require wired as well as wireless mobile payment solutions. Pipeline Data has raised $15M in venture money from The ComVest Group in February of 2009.

AirSage Inc
AirSage anonymously collects and analyzes wireless signaling data – processing more than 3 billion phone locations everyday - and then turns them into meaningful and actionable information. Consumers, businesses, government agencies and other organizations can use this aggregated information to model, evaluate and analyze the location, movement and flow of people and assets. AirSage got a hold of $2.5M in venture funding in April of 2009.

Kudzu Interactive
Kudzu Interactive developed the proprietary web-based remote ordering platform that has become the restaurant industry’s de-facto standard for POS integrated online ordering, text messaging and call center remote ordering applications. Today Kudzu Interactive has activated more restaurant sites into more POS platforms then all of our competitors combined serving over 28,000 restaurant sites from major chains such as Outback, Subway, California Pizza Kitchen, Baja Fresh and others. The company landed $7M in venture funding from Norwest Venture Partners in June of 2010.
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