Lead411 launches "Hottest Companies in Austin" awards
LOS ANGELES, Calif., - April 17, 2012 - In order to recognize the fastest growing technology companies in Austin, Lead411 is proud to announce the release of its "Hottest Companies in Austin" award.

Each day, the Lead411 research team scours through 600+ press releases and business articles including venture capital fundings, company launches, new office openings, customer press releases, etc. This information has given insight to which are the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Their "Hottest Companies" awards have been created to recognize these fast growing companies in different geographic regions. This particular list originally started with over 389 companies and it has been narrowed down to the top 30.

"This is our 3rd Austin award. We are pleased with the recognition the Award has received over the past few years," said Tom Blue, CEO of Lead411, "and we are very proud of the respected list of companies for the 2012 winners."

How the Winners were Chosen
First, all companies must be in either the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industry and be a privately held organization, and be within Austin, Texas. From there, each company must meet one or more of the following requirements;

  • ** 100% increase in revenues over the past 2 years; OR
  • ** Over $1M in funding in the past 2 years;

About Lead411

Lead411 provides information, news, and research about U.S. companies and their executives. Founded in 2001, its goal has been to focus on quality corporate data that is valid and useful rather than producing as many company records as possible. In addition, Lead411 tracks company news in order to alert its customers about venture financing, new hires, hiring plans, etc. Customers include Gartner, Administaff and ADP.

Offers.com helps people save time and money by publishing thousands of coupon codes and online coupons, and deals and online clearance offers from the top stores and companies that are verified every day. Information on the site is supported by original content such as savings tips and buying guides, and is organized in a way that helps consumers find the best offer to address their immediate shopping needs. The company has raised $7M in funding in October of 2010.

NaturallyCurly.com, Inc
The NaturallyCurly Network is a collection of sites that informs, empowers and unites a community of people brought together by a common interest – curly hair. The flagship brand, NaturallyCurly.com, attracts 700,000 unique monthly engaged, influential consumers creating user-generated content on a daily basis – boasting more than 30,000 photos, product and stylist reviews and 30,000 monthly forum posts. The company received $1.2M in financing from Tandem Computers in June of 2011.

Reddwerks Corporation
Reddwerks Corporation was formed by several individuals who saw the supply chain industry was sorely lacking a single solution to manage all the order fulfillment needs within a distribution facility. Reddwerks provides the only event-driven single-platform warehouse controls and warehouse management solutions for managing your entire order fulfillment process, from conveyor sensor through shipping management. The company got a hold of $5.8M in financing in October of 2011.

Spiceworks Inc
Founded in 2006, Spiceworks™ is the world’s largest and fastest growing social business network for IT. By combining free IT management software with a Facebook-like community, Spiceworks helps over 1.3 million IT professionals to discover, buy and manage $214 billion worth of technology products and services each year. The company has raised $25M in venture money led by Adams Street Partners in April of 2011.

MTPV is a clean energy semiconductor chip company using its breakthrough technology to harness the world’s waste heat and convert it to electricity. The company has raised $10M in financing from Northwater Capital Management in January of 2012.

Bloomfire is a social web application for sales team productivity. Trusted by thousands of users across hundreds of organizations, Bloomfire encourages people to ask and answer questions, create and post content, and engage around mutual topics of interest through a rich, collaborative experience. Bloomfire has raised $10M in venture money from Austin Ventures and Redpoint Ventures in March of 2012.

StoredIQ, Inc
StoredIQ is a leading provider of enterprise-class Information Intelligence solutions, enabling organizations to gain visibility and control over business-critical information to help meet their compliance, governance and legal discovery requirements. The company provides a range of integrated solutions for fast response to litigation and investigations, for proactive "litigation readiness”, and for information protection and risk management. StoredIQ landed $9.9M in financing in April of 2011.

Xtreme Power
Xtreme Power provides scalable, real-time digital power management and energy storage system product and service solutions that decouple the rigid electric grid, enabling a more sustainable, reliable and cost-effective electric grid network. Xtreme Power’s Dynamic Power Resource™ product combines customized milli-second controls and high-efficiency power electronics with the energy storage capabilities of the company’s proprietary PowerCell™ technology. Xtreme Power got a hold of $16.4M in funding in July of 2011.

Based in Austin, Texas, Spredfast provides social business software for social media management that allows organizations to manage, monitor, and measure their social media programs, and the effectiveness of each piece of content, across multiple social media channels. Spredfast allows its clients to extend their branded content and engage with its audience from a single administration interface to the blogosphere and the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Foursquare. The company has raised $12M in financing from InterWest Partners in September of 2011.

OtherInbox, Inc
OtherInbox, Inc. is an Austin-based company that builds technology to automatically organize emails from online shopping and social networking sites. This puts consumers in control but also creates unique opportunities for improving the relevance and targeting of email marketing. OtherInbox’s email product also organizes shipping information, payment reminders, and upcoming sales and places them on your calendar. The company received $1.5M in venture funding led by 500 Startups in September of 2010.

Macheen Inc
Macheen Inc. enables connected device makers and retailers to deliver products that are ”hot-out-of-the-box”—that is, shipped pre-connected to the Internet via mobile networks. Macheen’s multi-tenant, cloud-based platform supports new business models for device makers, retailers, cloud service providers and network operators alike. The company has raised $10M in venture money from North Bridge Venture Capital in June of 2011.

Ziften Technologies
Ziften Technologies is the first software provider to tackle the problem of inefficient systems. With extensive experience deploying behavioral software to more than 150 million systems worldwide, Ziften has greater experience and understanding of Windows process behavior than any other software provider. The company received $5.8M in financing led by Fayez Sarofim & Co. in July of 2011.

MyEdu Corporation
Founded in 2008, MyEdu is the nation’s leading student academic platform for completing college. MyEdu’s degree planning, credit management, workload tracking and social applications bring together students, parents, advisers and faculty to reduce the amount of time it takes to earn a degree. MyEdu allows students to significantly increase their return on education by reducing all of their associated costs. MyEdu landed $10M in funding from The University of Texas System in October of 2011.

Malauzai Software, Inc
Malauzai was incorporated in 2009 in response to the growing demand in the mobile channel marketplace for a technology company that could provide innovative mobile solutions for community financial organizations. As a cool company in a cool town, with a focus primarily on community financial institutions and entertainment and social mobilization, Malauzai looks to provide mobile solutions that will enhance the customer experience ultimately resulting in increased value. Malauzai got a hold of $2.3M in funding in April of 2012.

Xplore Technologies
Xplore is engaged in the business of developing integrating and marketing mobile wireless Tablet PC computing systems. The Company’s products enable the extension of traditional computing systems to a range of field and on-site personnel, regardless of location or environment. Xplore got a hold of $3.5M in funding in February of 2012.

ReachForce Inc
ReachForce was created to ensure Marketers keep their seat at the table. As a team of long time B2B Marketers, we decided we were tired of it being ok to be wrong 90% of the time. With industry average marketing response rates being less than 3%, there is something fundamentally wrong with the way we as B2B Marketers have been driving lead generation initiatives. Response rates don't equal leads and leads don't always mean qualified buyers. ReachForce has raised $4.6M in venture funding led by Aprimo in February of 2011.

BreakingPoint Systems Inc
BreakingPoint Actionable Security Intelligence protects enterprises, service providers, and government agencies by providing global visibility into emerging threats and actionable insight to harden and maintain resilient defenses. With the exclusive ability to capture and control global threat intelligence at Internet-scale, BreakingPoint delivers the only products capable of battle-testing IT infrastructures, training cyber warriors, tuning systems and policies, and transforming security processes to be proactive and effective. The company landed $5M in funding in April of 2010.

LibreDigital develops technology that helps consumers to discover and read their favorite books, newspapers and magazines when and where they choose to read. The company’s solutions power the promotion, sales and delivery of content on-demand across the web or to any marketplace or device – including the Apple iPad and iBookstore, Google, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Sony Reader, the Blio eReader, and the Bookish Reading Club in the Starbucks Digital Network. LibreDigital landed $4M in financing in February of 2011.

UnboundID is a leading platform provider for identity services, enabling companies to dynamically manage, protect, and share customer data in real-time across cloud, mobile and social applications. UnboundID solutions help companies increase average revenue per customer while significantly lowering their costs for service and application delivery. The company received $12.5M in funding from OpenView Venture Partners in March of 2012.

Illumitex Inc
Founded in 2005 by imaging and optics industry veterans, US-based Illumitex’s industry-shifting achievements began with a fresh approach to traditional LED design. By refusing to settle for the losses associated with secondary optics, Illumitex’s breakthrough LED technology incorporates fundamental physics principles to maximize light extraction at the source. Illumitex got a hold of $9.3M in funding led by New Enterprise Associates in April of 2012.

Dachis Corporation, Inc.
Dachis Group powers the design, development, management, and measurement of Social Business solutions for the world’s leading companies. We have been fortunate enough to deliver social solutions, drive social brand engagement, and deliver meaningful social insights for the world’s largest companies and most valuable brands. Dachis Group got a hold of $30M in financing from Austin Ventures in January of 2011.

Quarri Technologies, Inc.
Quarri Technologies, Inc. is a security software company that empowers organizations to keep their sensitive data secure. The company’s products defend against both external and internal attacks and prevent unauthorized use and replication of confidential data by controlling both malicious and careless end-user behavior. Quarri Technologies got a hold of $2.7M in funding in October of 2011.

nfochimps is a turn-key Big Data stack solution for enterprises, and the world’s largest open data marketplace. Our mission is to democratize the world's access to structured data. We have two products. The Infochimps Platform is a scalable solution for building, managing and optimizing heterogenous Big Data environments. The Infochimps Data Marketplace offers over 15,000 public and proprietary sets for download and API access. The company landed $1.2M in financing in November of 2010.

GameSalad, Inc.
GameSalad is an online community that empowers everyone to express and share their ideas through games. Our company was founded on the belief that all people should have the tools to make popular games, limited only by the boundaries of their imaginations. GameSalad provides a platform used by creators to rapidly design, publish and distribute original games that have been played by millions of people worldwide. The company collected $6.1M in funding in April of 2011.

Adometry, Inc.
Adometry, formerly Click Forensics, Inc., is the leading provider of ad analytics and traffic quality solutions for the online advertising community. For over half a decade Adometry has led the industry in online ad verification and traffic quality management, delivering actionable insight to improve the performance of online advertising. Adometry has raised $6M in venture money led by Sierra Ventures in June of 2010.

CopperEgg Corporation
CopperEgg provides real-time insight into the speed and availability of applications and services deployed on cloud, virtual and physical servers. Our SaaS-based server monitoring tool is designed to install in seconds with no configuration and immediately deliver fine-grained visibility into critical performance metrics, insight into developing trends, and split-second decision support for organizations of all sizes. The company landed $2M in funding from Silverton Partners in July of 2011.

Kimbia, Inc.
Kimbia enables nonprofit organizations to more effectively use the Internet through online donation forms to increase giving, participation and overall support. Kimbia is keenly focused on changing how nonprofits think about and implement their fundraising efforts. Kimbia is thinking about how the campaign should work from the donor perspective and reaching people wherever they are – Facebook, Twitter, media sites, email, smart phones, event sites and more. The company landed $4M in funding from S3 Ventures in August of 2011.

Kinnser Software, Inc
Kinnser Software is the easy-to-use, Web-based software solution for home health agencies. Kinnser's powerful EMR enables every member of your team to increase productivity while reducing costs. Kinnser transforms data into actionable information, both in the office and at the point of care. More than 40,000 users trust Kinnser - the fastest growing, technology innovator in home health. Kinnser Software got a hold of $40M in funding from Insight Venture Partners in March of 2012.

Famigo Inc
Famigo provides a platform for families to safely discover, manage, and enjoy content and apps on smartphones and tablets. We want everyone from toddlers to grandmothers to have successful interactions every time they use a smartphone or tablet in a family setting. Famigo received $1M in funding from Silverton Partners in March of 2012.

UnWired Nation
Unwired Nation technologies and services enable web application providers to successfully navigate the disruptive transition to mobile devices and unlock the inherent revenue potential of their mobile web investment by delivering it in forms that customers value highly and want to purchase. The Unwired Nation Platform leverages existing partners’ web assets and development skill sets, adding essential mobile services that enhance their products and automate the product life cycle across multiple mobile operating systems. Unwired Nation landed $6.5M in funding in January of 2012.
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