2014 Hottest New York City Companies

LOS ANGELES, Calif., - June 5, 2014 - In order to recognize the fastest growing technology companies in New York City metropolitan area, Lead411 is proud to announce the release of its "Hottest Companies in New York City" award.


For over 13 years, Lead411’s technology and research team scours the web daily to find information about fast growing companies.  Each day they are looking at press releases and news stories like venture financings, company launches, hiring plans, etc.  This has given Lead411 insight on the hottest companies in the US, hence the awards. 

This particular list originally started with over 1429 companies and it has been narrowed down to the top 87.

 “Our 2014 award winners might be our best selection ever,” said Tom Blue, CEO of Lead411. “It seems like there is no better time to be a tech entrepreneur. There are so many startups succeeding right now and it is reflected in these awards.”


About the Awardees

First, all companies must be in either the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industry and be a privately held organization, and be within New York City Region. From there, each company must meet one or more of the following requirements;

  • ** 100% increase in revenues over the past 2 years; OR
  • ** Over $2M in funding in the past 2 years;


About Lead411

Lead411 provides information, news, and research about U.S. companies and their executives. Founded in 2001, its goal has been to focus on quality corporate data that is valid and useful rather than producing as many company records as possible. In addition, Lead411 tracks company news in order to alert its customers about venture financing, new hires, hiring plans, etc. Customers include Gartner, Administaff and ADP.

1stdibs is the world’s largest online luxury marketplace. Inspired by Founder Michael Bruno’s love of Paris’ legendary flea markets, it is the go-to source for leading interior designers and in-the-know wealthy consumers seeking antiques, design, estate jewelry, vintage fashion and fine art. The company received $15M in funding in January of 2014.

AdviceIQ is a digital hub for advisor-submitted articles, localized advisor rankings, and in-depth advisor profiles. Designed to provide consumers with rich financial content, AdviceIQ also employs geo-targeted syndication technology to help investors find local advisors. AdviceIQ got a hold of $24M in financing in September of 2013.

AppFirst provides critical business and system visibility solutions, allowing organizations to closely align their IT systems with their business goals in order to manage business risks. AppFirst delivers unified visibility into all of your data sources: AppFirst's unique "miss nothing" data, logs, Nagios plug-ins, Windows Performance Counters, StatsD, & more. The company received $8.7M in venture funding led by Safeguard Scientifics in December of 2012.

AppNexus Inc
AppNexus technology powers the most innovative trading solutions and marketplaces for Internet advertising. It’s what the world’s most influential advertising and media companies build their businesses on, and what enables them to deliver the ads that deliver the content that people love. AppNexus received $75M in venture funding led by Technology Crossover Ventures in January of 2013.

Apprenda is a private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that transforms how enterprises can develop, deliver and manage next generation cloud applications. As a foundational software layer and application run-time environment, Apprenda abstracts away the complexities of building and delivering modern software applications, enabling enterprises to turn ideas into innovations faster. The company received $16M in funding led by Safeguard Scientifics in November of 2013.

Arkadium is a top game development studio developing casual, mobile, social and Windows 8 games. Founded in 2001 by Jessica Rovello and Kenny Rosenblatt, Arkadium has grown from a humble startup with four employees to a profitable, multimillion dollar business with offices spanning the globe from New York City to Crimea. Arkadium got a hold of $5M in financing from Edison Ventures in March of 2013.

ASI System Integration Inc
ASI builds world-class IT solutions that fit the unique requirements of customers. Representing the most influential OEMs in the industry, ASI rides on the cutting edge of the technology wave. That is, we know technology, where it's been, and where it's going. The company landed $40M in funding in March of 2013.

etouches is a leader in in-cloud event management enterprise software. Founded in 2008, the company has more than 800 customers in 25 countries. Covering every major function in the event planning lifecycle, the multi-lingual and multi-currency software has 15 modules for registration, budgeting, surveying, mobile app and more. etouches has raised $5.5 in venture money in October of 2013.

Aviary Inc
Aviary is on a mission to make creation accessible to artists of all genres, from graphic design to audio editing. Aviary got a hold of $2M in financing in December of 2013.

BlazeMeter is a self-service, web and mobile load testing platform (PaaS) providing developers an enterprise grade, out-of-the-box load testing solution. 100% compatible with Apache JMeter™. BlazeMeter significantly simplifies the load testing process for web and mobile applications by providing developers easy integration into their native development environment, realistic user simulation, advanced scripting capabilities, unlimited on-demand load testing capacity, comprehensive, interactive real-time reporting, sophisticated result analysis and geographically distributed testing across 8 different locations. The company $6.5M in financing led by YL Ventures in May of 2014.

Bloglovin' helps you keep track of the blogs you read by letting you know when they update. Bloglovin has raised $7M in venture money from Northzone in April of 2014.

Booker is transforming the way local services are managed by businesses and discovered by consumers. Booker’s platform enables merchants to “be bookable” whenever and wherever their customers want to schedule an appointment and helps keep those customers coming back frequently. Booker received $27.5M in funding led by Bain Capital Ventures in April of 2013.

Boundless develops and supports powerful software for enterprise geospatial applications. Just as open source software became a standard across IT, Boundless is forging a similar path in the geospatial industry with OpenGeo Suite, a complete geospatial platform for managing data and building maps and applications. Boundless received $2.26 in financing in March of 2014.

The Ceros platform empowers designers and marketers to create and publish beautiful, interactive content experiences without the need for developers. The company got a hold of $6.2M in funding led by Sigma Prime in April of 2014.

The ChatID Network is the world’s first and only way for brands and consumers to directly communicate across any channel, on any device. Our fast-growing family of brands and retailers is ushering in a new era of how companies connect with their customers. ChatID network landed $4.83M in financing in April of 2014.

Checkmarx, founded in 2006, developed the first open platform for true Source Code Analysis (SCA) and its marquee application: Static Application Security Testing (SAST). The Checkmarx product family is based on patent-pending technology and provides maximum application security for software developers and security experts throughout the Software development life cycle (SDLC), in both Enterprise and Cloud platform models. Checkmarx received $8M in funding led by XT Investments in November 2013.

ComiXology has revolutionized the comic book and graphic novel industry by delivering a cloud-based digital comics platform that makes discovering, buying, and reading comics more fun than ever before. ComiXology’s Guided View™ reading technology transforms the comic book medium into an immersive and cinematic experience, helping comiXology become a top ten grossing iPad app in 2011 and 2012 and the top grossing non-game iPad app in 2012 and 2013. The company got a hold of $100M in funding led by Columbia Pacific Advisors in May 2014.

Compliance Science
Compliance Science is a New York City based global leader in providing web-based regulatory compliance technology and services to the Financial Services community. In today’s complex global market, high-stakes business ventures need help to perpetually stay in compliance with regulatory law and to avoid being vulnerable to financial penalties as well as potentially staggering blows to public relations. The company has raised $8.25M in financing led by Edison Ventures in January of 2014.

Cortica was founded in 2007 upon a vision to fundamentally revolutionize computers’ approach to understanding images and video. The essence of Cortica's Image2Text™ technology lies in its ability to automatically extract the core concepts in images and video, and map these concepts to keywords and textual taxonomies. Cortica got a hold of $20M in financing led by Mail.ru in March of 2014.

Crowdtap is the leading social Influence Marketing Platform, making it easy for top brands to access real-time insights and inspire consumers to share more about the products they love across social media. Crowdtap has raised $5M in funding led by Foundry Group in March of 2014.

Datadog is a monitoring service that brings together data from servers, databases, applications, tools and services to present a unified view of the infrastructure. These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based data analytics platform that enables Dev and Ops teams to work collaboratively on the infrastructure to avoid downtime, resolve performance problems and ensure that development and deployment cycles finish on time. Datadog received $15M in funding led by OpenView Venture Partners in February of 2014.

Dataminr is the leading real-time information discovery company for enterprise clients. Dataminr transforms the public Twitter stream into actionable alerts, identifying the most relevant information in real-time for clients in Finance, News and the Public Sector. Using powerful, proprietary algorithms, Dataminr instantly analyzes all public tweets and delivers the earliest warning for breaking news, real-world events, off-the-radar content and emerging trends. Dataminr got a hold of $30M in financing led by Venrock in June of 2013.

E-Line Media
E-Line Media is a publisher of game-based learning products and services that engage, educate and empower, helping to prepare youth for lives and careers in the 21st century. E-Line works with leading foundations, academics, nonprofits and government agencies to harness the power of games for learning, health and social impact. The company landed $3.93M in financing in October of 2013.

Enigma Technologies
At Enigma, we are committed to helping connect this data to the curious minds and hungry algorithms that need it to make better decisions and to understand the complex systems in which we are all living. Enigma empowers professionals to discover hidden facts and connections like never before. The company received $4.5M in funding led by Comcast Ventures in January of 2014.

Eye Lock
EyeLock is an advanced iris based identity management technology solutions company focused on developing next-generation systems for global access control and identity management. The company got a hold of $3M recently led by VOXX International.

Floored is a New York City–based company that creates interactive 3d graphics for commercial, residential, industrial, & retail real estate, and the hospitality industry. Floored collected $5.26M in funding led by RRE Ventures in December of 2013.

FreshDirect LLC
FreshDirect is a leading online grocer in the U.S., delivering premium quality fresh-from-the-farm foods and brand-name groceries to customers in the greater New York, New Jersey, Connecticut metro area and greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. FreshDirect received $9.99M in funding in April of 2014.

General Assembly
At General Assembly, we are creating a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love, by offering full-time immersive programs, long-form courses, and classes and workshops on the most relevant skills of the 21st century – from web development and user experience design, to business fundamentals, to data science, to product management and digital marketing. The company got a hold of $35M in funding led by Institutional Venture Partners in March of 2014.

Genesis Media
In 2011 Genesis Media set out to solve one of the largest problems facing the digital space: to reward publishers that create premium content, without compromising the user experience. Genesis Media’s technology platform creates new inventory within premium content. The company got a hold of $10M in funding led by Blue Chip Venture Company in March of 2014.

Giphy isn’t really just about finding GIFs. It’s a search engine today but soon you’ll see it grow into a community, a platform with a host of features targeted at gif artists, enthusiasts, bloggers, and anyone generally looking to discover or create that next big meme. The company received $2.4M in funding from The Betaworks in May of 2014.

Handshake is the #1 reviewed app for sales reps on the road, at tradeshows and in showrooms. Handshake is used by the sales teams of hundreds of companies to write more orders, more quickly and make more money. Handshake bagged $8M in funding from Emergence Capital in April of 2014.

HookLogic partners with the world’s leading retailers, online travel agencies, and automotive companies to provide marketers unprecedented access to bottom of funnel shoppers and a clear view into resulting sales attribution. The company’s high-performance vertical marketing programs accelerate sales for product brands, marketplace sellers, hoteliers, and automotive marketers. HookLogic got a hold of $14M in financing led by Intel Capital in September of 2013.

HowAboutWe was founded in 2010 to help people fall in love and stay in love. Since then, we’ve successfully launched a suite of best-in-class products, apps and media properties, including HowAboutWe Dating, HowAboutWe for Couples, the HowAboutWe Media network, and our first standalone app, You&Me. The company has raised $4.2M in financing led by RRE Ventures in September of 2013.

Implisit saves your team countless hours every week, by updating their CRM with their sales activities automatically. Implisit’s Text-to-Deal™ technology captures and analyzes prospect and client communication and matches it with CRM records. The company received $3.3M funding from Gemini Israel Ventures in January of 2014.

Innovid Inc
Innovid delivers immersive advertising anywhere. Founded in 2007, we provide visionary marketers with the tools to create, deliver, and measure video campaigns, in any format, on any screen, publisher, or ad network. We built our Ad Server to address the issues specific to video ad serving and simplify the process for agencies and marketers. Innovid has raised $11M in venture money led by Sequoia Capital in March of 2013.

The leading Cloud based hotel software solution that seamlessly integrates property management, global distribution, bookings and marketing into one platform. innRoad has raised $3.7M in venture money in May of 2014.

Jibe provides cloud-based recruiting technology solutions for talent acquisition teams to help them identify, attract and engage candidates. Adopted by many of the world's top companies – including Accenture, Macy’s and Walmart – the Jibe Recruiting Platform features an analytics engine at its core that pulls recruiting metrics from disparate back-end systems and turns them into insight to guide decisions. Jibe got a hold of $20M in funding from SAP Ventures in May 2014.

JOOR is the leading online global fashion marketplace for wholesale buying. Founded by Mona Bijoor in 2010, JOOR is based in New York City with offices in Milan, Sydney and Los Angeles and available globally on jooraccess.com. JOOR has raised $15M in funding Canaan Partners in July of 2013.

JW Player
JW Player's mission is to provide reliable, enterprise-level video solutions to publishers of all sizes. Today, the company's products are the most widely distributed mobile and web video solutions in the world. Each month over 6 billion streams are watched by 700 million people across 120 countries via the company's products. JW Player landed $5M in financing from Greycroft in November of 2012.

Kinetic Social
Kinetic Social is a social data and marketing technology company. We believe deeply in serving clients as a holistic marketing-solutions provider, and focus not only on maximizing the value of marketing in the social media realm, but also in optimizing the media mix in the digital sphere overall. Kinetic Social has raised $18M in financing led by Blue Chip Venture Company in April of 2014.

Knowledge Delivery Systems, Inc.
Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS) is the leading provider of research-based, blended-model strategic professional development solutions for districts, schools, and teachers. KDS’ mission is to help school districts and states transform professional development to dramatically improve teacher effectiveness and raise student achievement. KDS solutions systematically build district-wide capacity to address their most important challenges - closing the achievement gap, Common Core instruction and assessments, cultural competency, diverse learners and differentiation, coaching and instructional leadership, and 1-to-1 classrooms. Knowledge Delivery Systems landed $6M in funding in March of 2014.

Kurtosys is a global provider of digital technology to the financial sector. Since 2002, our team of industry experts have been using digital media to transform the way that financial information is shared and consumed. Kurtosys bagged $8M in financing led by Triangle Peak Partners in December of 2013.

L2 is a data-driven research, education, and advisory firm focused on the prestige sector. Our mission is to increase the digital competence of our member brands. L2 got a hold of $16.5M in financing led by General Catalyst Partners in March of 2014.

LiveIntent, Inc.
LiveIntent is uniting the features you have come to expect from display with the immediacy and urgency of the email inbox, making it easy for publishers to monetize premium email ad inventory, and for brands to target their advertising to an engaged, valuable subscriber audience. LiveIntent got a hold of $20M in venture financing led by Bullpen Capital in January of 2014.

Lotame Inc
Lotame is the DMP for Maximum Audience Impact— helping publishers, marketers and agencies maximize the way they collect, unify, protect, and activate audience data. Leveraging the industry’s most robust audience management engine, they’re able to intelligently monetize data, create premium properties, target more efficiently, and drive higher campaign performance and revenue. The company received $17M in funding led by Sozo Ventures in March of 2014.

Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable has raised $14M in funding led by Tribune Digital Ventures in March of 2014.

Media Storm
Media Storm provides innovative, media marketing solutions for brands looking to amplify their reach and impact. We specialize in animating brands, building audiences, acquiring customers, and driving traffic. Our partners include brands such as Food Network, Open Road, Loehmann's, CT Tourism, Linksys, NBC Universal, MTV and 20th Century Fox. Media Storm received $3M in financing led by Alcentra Capital Corporation in May of 2014.

Movable Ink
Movable Ink is a revolution in email marketing. We make campaigns relevant to each recipient's current time, location, device - even the weather. Movable Ink has raised $13M in the past two years led by Intel Capital.

Networked Insights Inc
Networked Insights is transforming the way companies make marketing investments by informing decisions with real-time consumer data. Our enterprise-class analytics solutions uncover audience interests that brands use to segment audiences, determine content strategies and optimize media investments, all of which allows our clients to stay in-sync with their customers. The company landed $9.4M in financing led by Goldman Sachs in October of 2013.

Nomi’s founders were inspired by a simple idea: businesses should know all their customers, not just the ones that spend the most. Nomi’s founders spent their careers helping online businesses use real time data to deliver superior service and sales. The team built affordable CRM at Salesforce and social media analytics at Buddy Media and Spinback. Nomi got a hold of $10M in funding led by Accel Partners in October 2013.

Nuxeo Corp
Nuxeo provides an extensible and modular Open Source Content Management Platform enabling architects and developers to easily build and run business applications. Designed by developers for developers, the Nuxeo Platform offers modern technologies, a powerful plug-in model and extensive packaging capabilities. Nuxeo has raised $3.8M in venture money led by OTC Asset Management in September of 2013.

ObserveIT, a leader in privileged user activity monitoring, allows companies to leverage the benefits of cloud based and increasingly open IT environments without sacrificing the security of a company's most important asset, their data. By auditing, monitoring and recording privileged user activity, ObserveIT dramatically reduces the cost and time required for compliance and enables companies to monitor third-party vendor relationships. The company bagged $20M in financing led by Bain Capital Ventures in December of 2013.

Open Road Integrated Media Inc
Open Road Integrated Media is a global digital publishing company that creates connections between authors and their audiences by marketing its ebooks through a new proprietary online platform, which uses premium video content and social media. Open Road has published ebooks from legendary authors including William Styron, Pat Conroy, Alice Walker, James Jones, and Pearl S. Buck. The company collected $11M in financing led by NewSpring Growth Capital IIIin August of 2013.

OpTier Inc
OpTier, headquartered in New York, is the leader in Application Performance Management and Big Data Analytics, analyzing billions of business transactions daily. With transactions in its DNA, OpTier offers an analytics-driven enterprise class APM solution, an industry-leading Big Data Analytics platform, and empowers businesses to uncover the truth behind their transactional data. The company got a hold of $8M in funding led by Pitango Venture Capital in August of 2013.

Outbrain Inc
Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform that powers personalized recommendations to content on most leading publisher websites online such as CNN, USA Today, Fox News and Slate, serving over 100 billion recommendations each month. Outbrain has raised $35M in financing led by HarbourVest in October of 2013.

Paperless Post
Paperless Post helps you create online and paper stationery that reflects your individual aesthetic. Our distinctive, customizable designs and powerful online tools make it easy to communicate expressively on any occasion—from everyday correspondence to milestone life events. Paperless Post received $25M in financing led by August Capital in April of 2014.

Payfone Inc
Payfone is a leader in secure mobile authentication. Payfone's suite of network authentication services provides unparalleled mobile security while eliminating friction from the customer experience. The company is backed by leading venture firms, financial institutions and wireless carriers and is based in New York. Payfone has raised $10M in financing in October of 2013.

Persado programmatically uncovers the language and emotions that make people buy. Its unique technology is powered by Natural Language Processing and advanced statistical algorithms. Working with leading global brands such as American Express, esurance, McAfee, Survey Monkey and Verizon Wireless, Persado systematically delivers better marketing messages across digital channels. Persado got a hold of $15M in funding led by Bain Capital Ventures in February of 2013.

RedVision Systems
RedVision is the fastest growing provider of title searches and real property data solutions in the nation, serving over 1,650 customers in the real estate industry including lenders, title underwriters, title agents, attorneys, settlement and default servicing firms. RedVision received $10M in funding led by Edison Ventures in November of 2013.

Scrollmotion Blue
The ScrollMotion Enterprise Platform™ distills everything we've learned about re-inventing content for touch devices and puts that power in your hands. Create cutting-edge interactives without any programming required. Manage all mobile content through a single, secure portal. The company has raised $5M in venture money in December of 2013.

Sefaira was founded in 2009 with a mission to promote more sustainable buildings by helping the building industry design, build, operate, maintain and transform all facets of the built environment. We do this by providing the industry with innovative web-based sustainable and energy efficient building design software

Shapeways is the leading 3D printing marketplace and community, empowering designers to bring amazing products to life. By giving anyone the ability to quickly and affordably turn ideas from digital designs into real products, Shapeways is fundamentally changing how products are made and by whom. The company has raised $30M in funding led by Andreessen Horowitz in April of 2013.

Shareablee empowers marketers and their agencies with insights into what’s working in their existing social media strategy, what engages their most loyal customers and how to keep ahead of the competition. Shareablee got a hold of $6M in funding led by SoftBank Capital in May of 2014.

ShopKeep POS
Founded by a small business owner, we knew from experience that POS systems needed to improve. ShopKeep’s iPad Point of Sale system is the simplest and smartest way to make business decisions. Backed by award-winning customer care, ShopKeep POS enables you to train employees faster and better understand your business with powerful reporting and real-time access to your sales data. ShopKeep received $25M in financing led by Thayer Street Partners in April 2014.

Signpost Inc
Named one of America's Most Promising Companies by Forbes, Signpost automatically optimizes business profiles across dozens of popular websites and mobile apps. We automate customer conversion and remarketing to dramatically increase new and repeat sales. Signpost bagged $10M in funding led by OpenView Venture Partners in November 2013.

Simulmedia, Inc. is a New York City-based television ad targeting company and operates the Simulmedia Audience Network, the world’s first data-driven audience network for television. The company has raised $25M in funding led by Valiant Capital in December of 2013.

SiSense Inc
SiSense is an award-winning, full-stack Business Intelligence and Analytics software that’s leading the way into a new era of BI. Our software is creating quite a buzz for its powerful technology as SiSense is the only fully-functional Business Intelligence tool that lets non-techies join multiple large data sets, build smart dashboards with great data visualizations, and share with thousands of users. SiSense has raised $10M in funding led by Battery Ventures in April of 2013.

SocialFlow is a software company that increases distribution of owned and earned content across social media platforms. Our algorithms analyze user behavior and then optimize each post based on real-time data. Our clients experience staggering increases in user engagement and gain insight on content performance that helps them plan future campaigns. SocialFlow landed $2.4M in financing in April of 2014.

Songza is a free streaming music service that has expert-made playlists for every occasion and makes it outrageously easy to find the right one, at the right time. Headquartered in Long Island City, NY, Songza is built by the team that founded crowd-priced MP3 download store AmieStreet.com in 2006 from their dorms at Brown University. Songza got a hold of $4.7M in financing in September of 2013.

Spotify Technology
With Spotify, it’s easy to find the right music for every moment – on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more. So whether you’re working out, partying or relaxing, the right music is always at your fingertips. Choose what you want to listen to, or let Spotify surprise you. The company has raised $250M in financing led by Technology Crossover Ventures in November of 2013.

Sprinklr provides the enterprise with a complete Social Relationship Infrastructure of 15 interconnected modules. Unlike point solutions and cobbled together technologies, Sprinklr is a native, seamless architecture, fully integrated with existing legacy business systems. Enabling brands to innovate faster, grow revenue, reduce operating costs and manage risk. Sprinklr got a hold of $40M in financing led by ICONIQ Capital in May of 2014.

Affordable, anonymous therapy with professional and licensed therapists. Anytime and anyplace, on your mobile device or on the web, you are always safe in your,private space with your therapist who is waiting to help you make a real difference in your life. The company received $2.5M in funding led by Spark Capital in May of 2014.

TapCommerce is the leader in mobile retargeting. We're trusted by the most successful mobile brands to deliver customers, revenue, and return on investment across mobile platforms. TapCommerce is a venture-backed mobile technology company headquartered in New York City's Union Square. The company bagged $10M in venture money led by Bain Capital Ventures in November of 2013.

Thuzio Inc
Thuzio provides an online platform that connects the public with professional athletes who have achieved the highest levels of excellence in their profession. This includes current and retired players from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, as well as Olympic Medalists, WTA, ATP, PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour professionals.

Tinybop Inc.
Tinybop builds educational apps for curious kids of all ages. Our apps are immersive playscapes designed to encourage exploration and creativity. Tinybop is a Brooklyn-based studio of designers, developers, and artists building an integrated suite of educational apps for kids. The company received $6M in funding in November of 2013.

TouchBistro is a leader in iPad restaurant technology for cafes, bars, food trucks, nightlife venues and restaurants. The TouchBistro app is currently the number one top-grossing food and beverage app in 18 countries on the Apple® App Store(SM). TouchBistro offers a 45-day free trial, which can be converted to a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. The company has raised $6M in funding led by Walden Venture Capital in the past two years.

Transactis enhances traditional paper billing and payment processing by enabling businesses of all sizes to replace paper bills, statements, invoices, payments and documents with more efficient digital alternatives. We go to market exclusively with resellers (financial institutions, technology companies, and business process outsourcers) to provide their business customers with secure, configurable, white-label, industry-leading SaaS solutions. Transactis received $8.2M in financing led by Harland Financial Solutions November of 2012.

TripleLift is the advertising solution for the visual web. The company’s technology allows brands to identify and promote their best images across display, social, and native advertising channels to increase consumer interaction and deliver brand engagement. TripleLift was founded in early 2012 in New York City by ad tech veterans from AppNexus. The company has raised $4M in venture money led by True Ventures in March of 2014.

Urban Compass
Urban Compass is a real estate brokerage that puts technology at the fingertips of its agents and clients to help find them the perfect place to live. Technology can make the process more transparent and generate more insight and data so that the user can be empowered to make smart choices about their apartment search. Urban Compass got a hold of $20M in financing in September of 2013.

Via Transportation, Inc.
Via Transportation, Inc. is a transportation technology company focused on developing a mass-market urban transportation solution that is flexible, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. The comfort of 1st class. The ease of an app. The cost of a sandwich. Seamlessly share the ride to enjoy a revolutionary flat fare. The company bagged $10M in financing in March of 2014.

Since 2007, Videolicious has been a leading provider of automatic video creation solutions, with more than 800,000 users in over 100 countries. Our patent-pending automatic video editing technology has powered the creation of millions of videos for social media marketers, Fortune 500 companies, real estate agents, local businesses, and anyone else who wants to benefit from video’s power to sell and inform. The company received $2.2M in funding led by Venture51 in August of 2013.

Vimeo® is the high-quality video platform for creators and their audiences. Vimeo’s mission is to empower and inspire people around the world to create, share and discover videos. Vimeo has over 26 million registered members and reaches a global monthly audience of more than 170 million. The company has raised $10M in funding in March of 2014.

Work Market Inc
Work Market is the leading platform for finding and managing freelancers, contractors and consultants at scale. Our platform simplifies the end-to-end freelancer management workflow. If you need to find freelance workers, our marketplace features local freelancers who specialize in onsite work. Work Market received $10M in funding from SoftBank Capital in May of 2013.

WorkFusion is a software-as-a-service crowd computing platform that turns enterprise knowledge processes into online workflows, automates repetitive work, crowdsources judgment work, and focuses subject matter experts on high-value work. The company received $15M in funding led by Mohr Davidow Ventures in May of 2014.

Zenovia Digital Exchange Corp
Zenovia Digital Exchange provides an online exchange for publishers and advertisers of all sizes to maximize their investment in online display media. The company has raised $6M in financing in February of 2014.

We are a New York City based technology company that sets about re-defining wedding registries for the always-online couple. Engaged couples can now create a fully customizable, beautiful registry with photos and descriptions that tell their story. Zola has raised $3.2M in venture money led by Thrive Capital in November of 2013.
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